• eClosings with Champion Title.  The future is here.

    Champion Title is proud to be at the forefront of advancements in the title & settlement industry, and we are pleased to now offer clients fully remote eClosings and hybrid eClosings as settlement options.

  • What is an eClosing?

    An eClosing occurs when all closing documents in a settlement are signed and notarized via online video conferencing.  No in-person signing is required.

  • What is a hybrid eClosing?

    A hybrid eClosing allows for key documents such as Promissory Note and Deed of Trust to be “wet signed” in person, with a Settlement Agent present at your location, while the rest are signed electronically.

  • Why choose an eClosing?

    The benefits are clear:

    ∙ Flexible scheduling – clients can be located anywhere in the world
    ∙ Processing time reduced – documents are transferred in real time so no need for messengers
    ∙ Fewer mistakes – no missed signatures
    ∙ Enhanced security – a video of the closing is retained for records
    ∙ A streamlined post-closing process – shorter funding times

    Full and hybrid eClosings are now settlement options in the Commonwealth of Virginia, subject to lender agreement.  Experience the same first-in-class Champion service our clients expect, with the added convenience of an eClosing.

    To learn more, please contact Kyle Tyler at KyleT@championtitle.com

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