7 Steps To Staging Your Home And Getting Top Dollar (On A Budget!)

7 Steps To Staging Your Home And Getting Top Dollar (On A Budget!)

Most realtors will agree, properly staging your home is essential to a successful sale.  But in today’s seller’s market, is staging really necessary?  It is if you want to increase your chances of getting top dollar on the sale.  So now you might assume staging your entire home is an expensive and labor intensive undertaking.  While you may need to prepare yourself for some “heavy lifting”, you don’t have to break the bank in the process.  As one of the top 3 title and settlement agencies in the DC Metro region, Champion Title has put together a list of seven thrifty staging steps you can follow to make sure you get the most bang for your buck from your minimal staging investment on closing day.

Step 1: Declutter and depersonalize every room.  The first and most important step in your Staging On A Budget plan is to declutter your house room by room.  Remove excess knickknacks and personal items such as family photos on table tops and book shelves, artwork on the refrigerator, memorabilia, etc.  A streamlined and simplified aesthetic is more broadly appealing, allowing home shoppers to envision their own décor in each space.  In addition, taking this opportunity to sort through and discard any possessions you no longer need will make your move easier, and bonus: this step is free!

Step 2: Evaluate current paint colors and repaint if necessary.  As previously mentioned, ensuring your home appeals to a broad audience of potential buyers is extremely important.  Thus, an impartial evaluation of your wall colors is in order.  A bold accent wall might not be for everyone, but switching to neutral paint colors such as creams, white, and grays is a relatively inexpensive fix.

Step 3: Rearrange furniture. In order to create open and inviting spaces, make sure your furniture is positioned to enhance the flow of traffic through the home.  Redistribute, or remove altogether, chairs and tables that might create a closed off or crowded feel.  And no need to purchase a new couch, use slipcovers as a cheaper option to freshen up the look of your existing furniture.

Step 4: Clean and deodorize.  Nothing serves as a bigger deterrent to potential buyers than a grimy house or strong and unpleasant odors.  It’s time to go above and beyond your typical house cleaning by washing the windows, scrubbing tile grout, polishing the floors, and removing any cobwebs.  Pets can create extra messes and unwanted odors so make sure you do your utmost to eliminate the evidence! Sprinkle baking soda on fabric surfaces and leave to absorb the odors overnight, then vacuum up in the morning. You can even add an attractive, mild scent with a diffuser during showings, but remember not to go overboard.

Step 5: Enhance the lighting.  Potential buyers also look for bright and well-lit spaces.  Take a quick look at the lighting in each room of your home, and double check that your current light fixtures are functioning properly and the brightest wattage bulbs are being used.

Step 6: Add décor details.  Now that your rooms are decluttered, reorganized, cleaned and deodorized, it’s time to add in some simple finishing touches that will give your home that polished appearance.  Fresh flowers are an easy and inexpensive addition, and featuring a stylish coffee table book or collection of candles can also do the trick.  Don’t forget to check your linens in the bathrooms to make sure they match.

Step 7: Create curb appeal.  A positive first impression can make or break a sale, so with the interior of your home ready to wow, the final step will ensure the exterior does the same.  Simple maintenance and sprucing up is all it takes.  Trim overgrowth in bushes and hedges, weed gardens and grass areas, and add seasonal potted flowers at the doorstep to create the appearance of a home that is inviting and well cared for.

By following these seven steps and investing the extra time and energy rather than dollars to get your home staged for sale, you can still make your property stand out among the competition, reaping the benefits in a higher sales price.   Ready to sell your home?  Allow Champion Title to guide you through the settlement experience worry-free.  For more information visit our website at www.championtitle.com or call us with questions at (703) 444-4100.