Closings In The Time Of Corona: Your Settlement Options

Closings In The Time Of Corona: Your Settlement Options

Coronavirus has created disruptions in nearly every aspect of our lives, so it is no surprise that the real estate industry is experiencing its own set of challenges.  From virtual house tours to digital mortgages, all players are finding ways to overcome these obstacles while providing their clientele and employees with a safe environment to conduct business.  As one of the top rated title and settlement agencies in the DC Metro region, Champion Title has done just that by devising a number of settlement formats designed with all stakeholders’ safety and comfort in mind.  Read on to learn more about your options with Champion in the Virginia, Maryland, DC areas and beyond.

Remote Online Notarization (RON) and e-Closings

While not new to the settlement industry (Champion Title has been conducting e-Closings since 2018), e-Closings with RON have received an unprecedented spike in demand and acceptance with the onset of COVID-19.  An e-Closing is defined as a settlement transaction involving the electronic signature of at least 1 document.  RON is the electronic notarization of a document through the use of audio/visual technology without face to face interaction between signor and notary.  It is important to note that RON legislation varies state by state with changes occurring frequently and that not all states currently allow RON.  The following is an outline of the e-Closing options Champion Title offers.

Option 1: Full RON e-Closing with e-Note*

  • – All the documents are signed and notarized via RON including an e-Note
  • – This option requires e-Note storage with an e-Vault and is only available in e-recording counties

Option 2:  RON e-Closing with Wet-Signed Note*

  • – All documents except the note are signed and notarized via RON
  • – The note is wet-signed
  • – This is only available in e-recording counties

Option 3: Video/In-Person Hybrid e-Closing*

  • – Most documents are signed electronically with the exception of recordable documents
  • – A notary meets with the borrowers to obtain signatures on recordable documents

*Subject to lender approval

Video Conference Closing

Champion also offers in-office settlements but with almost no face-to-face interaction.  Clients are sent closing documents ahead of time for review.  At closing signors enter a secluded conference room with the closing package already on the table.  A video conference is connected prior to client arrival with a Champion attorney or settlement agent on-screen to walk signors through the documents and answer any questions.  Documents to be notarized are set aside for signature later, and at the end of the closing the attorney or SA stands at the doorway to witness these being signed.

Mobile Notary

For those who would rather not leave their home, Champion also offers a mobile notary service.  Closing documents are reviewed with clients ahead of closing by one of our attorneys or settlement agents to address any questions, then at scheduled settlement one of our experienced and reliable notaries will travel to the client’s home for signatures.  This can even be done in an outdoor space.

Champion Title is here to assist you and your clients in any way we can.  We will continue improving our processes to provide you with the best service possible throughout this uncertain time, and after.  For more information or questions regarding any of our services, please call us at (703) 444-4100, or visit our website at