House For Sale: But why isn't my home selling?

House For Sale:  But why isn't my home selling?

Congratulations!  You’ve listed your home for sale.  All that hard work getting it ready to show should pay off in a quick contract, right?  Unfortunately this isn’t always the case.  As days and weeks go by without an offer, lack of buyer interest can result in frustration, additional stress and expenses.  It’s time to make some adjustments that will make that dream sale a reality.  Read on for pro tips on selling your home in the time frame and price range you are aiming for.

Consult with your broker on a new strategy.  At the beginning of the selling process, you carefully chose your broker to represent you and your home.  Take advantage of his/her expertise.  Discuss comps in your neighborhood as well as other strategies specific to the “up” or “down” market you might be in.

Consider lowering the price.  Emotional ties to a home can result in over valuing the property.  Discuss a price adjustment with your broker down to something more realistic that will resonate with buyers.  Additionally, lowering the price can signal you are serious about selling which may make your home more attractive.

Offer incentives to buyers.  The closing process can get pretty expensive for buyers with additional costs such as transfer taxes and attorney fees usually paid by them.  By sharing that financial burden at settlement you might make the purchase of your home affordable for your intended buyer.

Take a second look and make some low-cost improvements.  Appearance is everything when selling your home quickly and for the best price.  Revisit the interior of your house, starting with the kitchen and bathrooms.  Do the cabinets need refreshing with a new coat of lacquer?  Could you replace older-looking bathroom fixtures with a more updated option?  Are the walls painted a dark or “statement” color?  Make sure each room is bright and inviting by repainting with neutrals like white and gray to appeal to a broader range of buyers.  Open up blinds and curtains or remove altogether to let in light, creating a cheery atmosphere.

Declutter.  A house chock full of your personal items makes it difficult for potential buyers to picture their own possessions in the house.  Sort through and store excess furniture and décor that might make the space feel smaller.  Making the rooms appear spacious will attract those shopping for a new home.

Focus on the first impression.  You’ve heard the phrase “curb appeal.”  Make sure your house looks welcoming and attractive from the outside, inviting potential buyers in.  Maintain the yard by seeding bare spots in the lawn, planting flowers and trimming back any overgrown bushes and shrubs.  If your budget allows, repaint the front door and shutters, giving your home a “face-lift.”

By implementing any combination of these tactics, and with the guidance of your broker, you’ll be sure to sell your home more quickly.  And for further advice or assistance in your closing, please contact Champion Title at for more information.