How To Market Your Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How To Market Your Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Experts agree, these are unprecedented times.  With the latest developments on the Coronavirus announced by the hour we are establishing new ways of completing simple routine tasks that allow us to go about our day.  So how do we accomplish the much larger task of trying to sell a home under these ever-changing conditions?  While some may be able to remove their property from the market for the time being until this has passed, others may not have that option.  As one of the top rated title and settlement companies in the DC Metro region, Champion Title would like to share with you some new approaches and suggestions to marketing your home in the Virginia, Maryland, DC areas and beyond during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Do Not Hold Open Houses

As we’ve all heard by now, we should be practicing social distancing.  Open houses invite larger numbers of people into your home at once, making it difficult to maintain 6 feet apart status.  In addition, there is more opportunity for surfaces in your home to become contaminated resulting in Coronavirus spread.

Schedule One-On-One Showings

Avoid the issues created by Open Houses by scheduling a viewing scenario you can better control.  One-On-One showings can still be acceptable provided the number of people entering your home is limited.

Thoroughly Clean Your Home Before And After Showings

Although cleaning your house before a showing is always important, right now it is imperative.  Be thorough in sanitizing your home before potential buyers arrive, as well as once they have left for your own protection.  In addition, make hand sanitizer available throughout the house while you have visitors.

Create A Video Tour With The Help Of Your Agent

Video tours can also help limit the number of people passing through your home.  They are a great way to give interested buyers a sense of the layout or flow of the house, and will help them decide if it is worth scheduling a visit to tour the home in person.  Your agent should be able to help you put this together and post with your listing.

Use Distancing Technology to Negotiate And Execute Contracts

Teleconferencing and e-signatures are extremely useful tools in maintaining social distancing during the contract negotiating process.  Your agent can teleconference with you while you review and sign paperwork, allowing you to get the answers you need without meeting in person.

While this is a difficult and stressful time for many, Champion Title is here to help.  We have implemented new procedures in line with CDC recommendations for a safe settlement which you can find here.  In addition we offer eClosings on qualifying transactions, and for more information or any questions, please call us at (703) 444-4100, or visit our website at