Lender Perspective: Build Your Personal Brand And Rise To The Top

Lender Perspective:  Build Your Personal Brand And Rise To The Top

As mortgage rates remain high, now more than ever it’s important for mortgage lenders to make sure they are setting themselves apart in this competitive environment.  Building your individual brand will help you gain recognition and new clients.  As one of the top title companies in the DC Metro area (as announced by the Washington Business Journal!), we’ve got your roadmap to creating your own brand while differentiating yourself from your peers.

Establish your personal brand.  The first step is to create your own, individual brand that is specific to you.  Potential clients want to connect with a real person.  By projecting your personality through your branding (lifestyle photos instead of standard headshots, taglines that explain the value you bring to your clients, visual and written content that incorporates your personal story), your target audience will get to know you, thus making that personal connection beyond just another mortgage lender.

Make your marketing personal, too.  Social media posting and direct email are great ways to promote your business.  Automated content creation is a common shortcut.  This can be effective as long as you also take the time to add in your own messaging specific to you.  Including short videos of yourself via social posts, emails and texts are a great way to make clients feel like you are speaking directly to them.  It’s ok to use autotexting tools for quick responses to customer inquiries, but make sure you are able to respond personally with further follow up as needed.

Define your market positioning.  Establishing the specific market you will serve is equally important to creating a personal connection with your clients.  Although this might feel like you are eliminating a potential source of business by narrowing your servicing focus, the opposite will likely happen.  Customers are looking for a solutions expert for their specific need, and will be more attracted to a mortgage lender who specializes in the type of product and service they are looking for.

Focus on relationships.  Whether just starting out as a mortgage lender or a veteran in the industry, you know how important relationships are to bringing in new leads and expanding your business.  People want to do business with people they feel like they know and like.  Sharing personal information (within reason!) in addition to industry-related content in your marketing will strike an effective balance.  Develop a network of friends among referral sources, such as real estate agents, by setting aside time to meet in person for coffee.  Schedule an informal Mortgage 101 Q&A at a popular lunch spot.  Face-to-face time can be invaluable when establishing and nurturing your network.

Once you’ve got your brand established and your network of relationships working for you, give us a call at Champion Title!  We’ll make sure your clients close with a stress-free settlement process.  For more information please call us at (703) 444-4100 or visit our website at www.championtitle.com.