Preparing for a Spring Sale? Here’s How

Preparing for a Spring Sale? Here’s How

Deciding to sell your home is a difficult decision to make, but deciding when to sell it shouldn’t be. Historically, selling in the spring is when you will receive the most offers at the best prices, and your home will be on the market for the least amount of time. Springtime is a busy period in the real estate market, often because of the beautiful weather and longer days. Potential buyers love to get out and about in the warm April afternoons and see what their city has to offer. Buyers with families also may want to coordinate purchasing a new home with the end of the school year, especially if their children will have to change schools. With the first day of spring only a couple of weeks away, now is the time to start preparing, and Champion Title & Settlements, Inc. are here to help. Check out our best tips for preparing your home for a spring sale below.

Out With the Old, In With the New

No one wants to move into a home that looks like a set piece from an 80’s movie. If your home looks a little more Grandma’s kitchen than millennial’s first property, it may be time to make some small improvements.

Give your home a more modern appearance by updating the small things such as towel racks, cabinet and drawer handles, and faucets. Cabinet doors can be painted instead of replaced and re-glazing your bathtub is a much more cost efficient way to give your bathroom the sparkle it may have lost. These renovations may be small but can greatly improve the look of your home without breaking the bank.

If you do feel that some larger improvements need to be made, spend the big bucks on the exterior of your home. First impressions mean everything to buyers so spending most of your time on your yard, front porch, and driveway will be more than worth your time. According to Judy Dutton, the deputy editor of, the two exterior improvements that will show the greatest net return on your investment are a new garage door and stone veneer.

Dare to be Bold Neutral

A fresh lick of paint can never hurt, and that may be just what your home needs to create a welcoming appearance. Although it may seem tempting to go for a bright color that may make your home stand out among the crowd, neutral colors, such as an off-white, gray, or very pale pastels, are the way to go. Some potential buyers may like a bright color, however, neutral colors are more likely to appeal to a wider range of buyers, and therefore, get you more offers.

If it’s Broken, Fix It

Many realtors will encourage their clients to have a pre-inspection conducted before putting their home up for sale. This means that sellers can tackle any issues before the buyer sees them. No matter how small the issue is, like a leaky faucet or a blocked vent, a buyer will notice it while viewing your home. Buyers often spend more time looking for what they don’t want in their new home, than what they do want. Getting repairs done ahead of time may be a good first step in your selling process.

It is likely that your buyers will order an inspection on your home once they sign a purchase agreement, so knowing what is wrong upfront will give you time to get everything repaired and limit the negotiations from the buyer.

Wake Up and Smell the Roses

It is important to remember that potential buyers aren’t just seeing your home; they are also smelling your home. Being aware of what smells may be in your home, even if you have turned nose blind to them, is highly important. Those smells may just be the make it or break it when a buyer is deciding between your home and someone else’s.

If tobacco is used in your home, cleaning the carpets might make a huge difference, likewise if you have pets. Although you may think that the smell of home-cooking or fresh cookies is what your buyers may want, more neutral smells such as fresh flowers, citrus, or pine may appeal to a wider range of buyers and give your home an edge over other properties.

Let There Be Light

Make the most of the beautiful spring weather and let more natural light into your property. Natural light will make your property look bigger and more open in your listing pictures while also giving a warmer and cleaner feel for open houses. Heavy curtains can be replaced by light blinds to let light into your home while also providing plenty of privacy.


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