Realtor Perspective: Building Your Realtor Business From The Ground Up

Realtor Perspective: Building Your Realtor Business From The Ground Up

So you’ve passed your real estate license exam and are ready to embark on an exciting career as a realtor.  Now what?  It’s time to put together a well thought out business plan that will lead a path to success.  Not sure where to begin?  Champion Title, one of the top rated title and settlement agencies in the DC Metro region, is here to help.  With over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, we’ve learned some tips and tricks along the way that we’d like to share with you on how to start your real estate agent career on the right foot.

Find the firm that’s the right fit for you.  The first step in setting yourself up for success is choosing an office, brokerage, or firm to join that will provide you with tools and opportunities to grow your business.  While the commission split is an important factor, also note other benefits offered such as educational opportunities, training programs and other resources.

Build a relationship with a mentor.  There is no substitute for experience in any given field, and finding someone you connect with who is willing to share his/her wisdom and expertise will prove invaluable throughout your realtor career.  And don’t forget to pay it forward when it’s your turn!

Define your brand.  Establish your brand identity from the start.  Hone in on which segment of the market you feel you can best serve.  Do you connect best with younger first time buyers or a more mature clientele?  What property type best aligns with your personality?  Defining these key pillars of your brand will provide you with purpose in your marketing messaging.

Tap into your pre-existing network.  Your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers are your first set of resources when it comes to prospecting.  They will be most inclined to help you along the way as you get started in your new career as a realtor, so make sure you maintain these relationships through regular contact personally or via social media.

Determine which path to lead generation is the best fit for you.  There are two ways to approach lead generation.  Some prefer to rely on their sphere of influence, cold calling, and traditional door to door marketing.  Others are more comfortable with their online marketing skills, using social media and video.  In today’s market, a mix of both will prove most successful.

Stay in the know on the latest real estate trends.  Once you have created your brand and figured out how to market yourself, you need to become a market expert.  Immerse yourself in the trends of the community you operate within.  Enroll in Continuing Education classes beyond license requirements.  Although relationships will have a significant impact on your success, there is no substitute for true market expertise!

Use consistent communication to bolster your reputation.  No matter how small a transaction might seem, treat each buyer and seller as equally important by responding quickly and professionally in all your communications.  Establishing a solid reputation from the start can lead to more substantial opportunities down the road.

With the right steps to guide you, and the right partners, you’ll be on your way to the real estate career you always imagined.  Champion Title can help you reach your career goals by working with you throughout the entire settlement process to create a seamless experience for you and your clients.  For more information or questions regarding any of our services, please call us at (703) 444-4100, or visit our website at