Realtor Perspective: Food Ideas To Make Your Next Open House Stand Out

Realtor Perspective:  Food Ideas To Make Your Next Open House Stand Out

Open houses are a common occurrence in the world of real estate sales.  And there are many elements that can make or break a successful event.  Staging, timing, even weather can all play a factor.  One ingredient you can control to make a real impact is the food you offer.  As one of the top title companies in the DC Metro area for 2022 (as recently announced by the Washington Business Journal!), Champion Title has assisted in countless broker’s opens over our 30 year history.  Here are some tips and tricks to creating the perfect spread to attract buyers and agents alike.

First, the tips.

An open house is going to last a few hours, make sure your choices won’t go bad quickly after sitting out.  “Dry” and room temperature items are always a safe bet.

Finger foods are best.  Chips, cookies, popcorn and similar options are all easy to eat as guests walk and talk through a house.  Avoid foods that require utensils.

Don’t forget about drinks.  Individual bottles of water are always handy as house shoppers and agents will appreciate that they can take one to go.  Cans of sparkling water and sodas are another good option.  Or add a cozy appeal by offering hot chocolate or hot apple cider on a cold winter day.

Include a variety of treats.  If baking cookies onsite (bonus – the house will smell great, too.  It’s a classic for a reason!), try different types to make sure there is something for everyone.

Now, the tricks.

For items that do need refrigeration, prepare multiple trays of the item to store in the fridge so you can bring out a fresh assortment as needed.

To eliminate the concern regarding shared platters, make sure your food selections are individually packaged.  Mini bags of chips, popcorn and pretzels or nuts in individual cups work well.

Select items that are seasonal to demonstrate extra thought and creativity.  Pumpkin doughnuts in the fall, individual cups of seasonal berries in the summer, or candy cane topped cookies at Christmastime are just some suggestions.  House shoppers and agents will notice these extra details.

Add another special touch by offering an item that is specific to the local community the house you are showing is located in.  Maybe there is a gourmet popcorn shop close by, or the berries in individual cups are from a pick-yourself farm just down the road.  This can be a great conversation starter to highlight the perks of living in that particular neighborhood.

Open houses are a great opportunity to make a great first impression on potential homebuyers and agents.  With a strategically selected menu following these simple suggestions, you can feel confident you’ll do just that.  Now ready to close?  Give us a call at Champion Title!  We can walk you through every step of the way for a stress-free settlement.  For more information please call us at (703) 444-4100 or visit our website at