Working With A Professional Real Estate Agent To Buy Your Next Home Is A MUST - Here’s Why

Working With A Professional Real Estate Agent To Buy Your Next Home Is A MUST - Here’s Why

Navigating the purchase of a new home is intimidating, especially in today’s real estate climate.  So why go it alone?  Partnering with a professional real estate agent to assist through the entire process will provide a number of invaluable benefits – financially and emotionally!  Read on to find out why working with a realtor is key to a successful home purchase.

Agents offer up to date knowledge of the market and regulations.  Realtors are handling multiple purchase transactions a year, requiring they stay up to date on the latest housing market conditions and various paperwork and documentation needed to close.  Their expert advice will simplify this process and give you peace of mind knowing you have a qualified agent leading the way.

They are professional negotiators.  With multiple transactions under their belt, they have experience in negotiating contracts and pricing.  Your agent is in your corner and will stand up for your interests, especially if complications arise due to issues discovered with the new home during inspection.

They bring objectivity to an emotional experience.  Searching for and purchasing a new home can be an emotional rollercoaster.  A real estate agent provides stability and an objective opinion, which might be just what you need in an otherwise stressful situation.

Agents have access to professional search tools.  One of the most time consuming aspects to buying a home is the search for the perfect property.  Real estate agents can help decrease the overwhelming pool of options by using search engines such as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), saving you time.

They have incentive to find the right home for you.  Agents generally are not on salary, rather they earn their income through commissions on transactions that make it through closing.  They will be dedicated to finding your dream home and ensuring it becomes yours with a successful settlement!

Ready to find the right real estate professional for you?  Talk to family and friends for recommendations, and don’t forget to check online for reviews and other references.  Once you and your agent have locked in on your new home, give us a call at Champion Title!  We’ll get you to the finish line with a stress-free settlement process.  For more information please call us at (703) 444-4100 or visit our website at