4 High-Tech Time-Savers for Real Estate Professionals

4 High-Tech Time-Savers for Real Estate Professionals

Technology isn’t just about improving the nitty-gritty details of the real estate business, it can also be used to improve the social side of real estate. Used correctly, the tools below will save you lots of time and give clients a great impression—even before you’ve spoken to them!


RingCentral allows you to reroute incoming calls to several different phones. If there’s a lead you don’t want to miss or if you have a client or contact that won’t stop calling, you can either multiply the number of phones receiving the call or reroute the call to your office’s main line. Plus if you’re expecting a call that you’ll need to involve others in, you can have them all receive the call simultaneously so you won’t have to set up a conference call.


FiveStreet is great for juggling multiple leads at once. As your leads come in (whether from Homes.com or Zillow) they will receive a text from you along with a customized email. It should say something like, “I am busy at the moment, but an agent will be calling you shortly.” If you have a large team, give each member access to the account and whoever is free can respond to each lead.


With a premium account, users will be able to:

1. Forward callers to main office line or assistant by pressing

2. Send back an auto-text to missed calls that includes a link to your profile page

3. Most excitingly, it transcribes voicemails so you can read them or forward them to coworkers straight from the app.


This iOS app allows you to control your tablet with your phone. Many realtors are now doing their listing presentation on tablets, and with Keynote you can give the client your tablet while you control the entire presentation from your phone. Little things like this make a huge difference in the world of real estate, where professionalism and savviness are worth their weight in gold.

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