5 DC Real Estate Trends to Consider Before Listing

5 DC Real Estate Trends to Consider Before Listing

Looking to put your Washington, D.C. home on the market? District real estate shoppers have several key factors in mind that may surprise you. Highlight these items in your listing to grab buyers’ attention:

City proximity: Young home buyers are increasingly favoring urban living — even as they start families. Packing the kids and moving to the suburbs is no longer the default option. At the same time, older professionals with grown children are downsizing from their family homes and relocating to more lively downtown areas. This also provides a wealth of advantages to properties in one of DC’s many unique neighborhoods. The NOMA (North of Massachusetts Ave.), Eckington and Logan Circle areas have all blossomed with new restaurants and attractions, while Brookland has turned itself into arts destination of garage studios and quirky independent markets.

Transportation and walkability: In a career-forward town like DC, shaving minutes off the commute is vital. Easy access to a Metro stop or reliable bus line is a significant selling point for buyers seeking a walkable lifestyle.

Outdoor space: With formal dining rooms on the decline, more homeowners are choosing to hybridize indoor-outdoor living. People are increasingly attracted to the ability to entertain, cook or work in outdoor patio space — even into early winter, with the help of gas heaters.

Neutral, minimal aesthetics: Making a space one’s own is one of the most rewarding parts of homeownership. When listing a property, though, keep it as simple as possible and let the potential buyer envision their own dreams for the space. Classically appealing looks like dark wood floors, airy light-colored kitchen treatments, and clean minimalistic glass are all attention-grabbing yet subtle selling points.

Aesthetic appeal: The buyer (probably) won’t be purchasing the artwork with their new property, but eclectic decor is an excellent way to grab the eye. As DC hometown pride grows and residents take pride in their neighborhoods, quirky pieces from local artists and hip, well-designed area maps are often seen gracing walls from U Street to Capitol Hill.

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