5 Ways to Get a Client for Life by Going Above and Beyond

5 Ways to Get a Client for Life by Going Above and Beyond

The realtors that really stick out to their clients are the ones who are modest, creative, problem-solving, people-persons. They are also considerate and go out of their way to make their clients happy. Buying a home is a deeply personal moment for customers, and they will remember fondly a realtor who is invested in their happiness. A realtor can make a huge difference for his or her clients, and, in doing so, make a big difference in their career pathway. Read to learn how to become a game-changing realtor.

1. Keep the Childhood Home in the Family

Many realtors will pounce on an obituary listing as an opportunity to sell a listing. When a spouse or parent dies, usually financial constraints force the family to prematurely sell a home full of memories. While landing a new listing will gain you business in the short term, imagine how much more appreciative that same family would be if you could instead help them to keep the house. Explaining alternatives to selling, such as a reverse purchase mortgage, can help a family to keep their home without outrageous mortgage payments. From that moment on, everyone in their family, and probably others in their extended network, will think of you first when they do decide to sell their home.

2. Stop a Foreclosure

As a realtor, you have access to knowledge and resources that the average Joe does not. How to preventing a foreclosure is a prime example. Losing your home is a devastating event, and one that no one should have to go through if they can help it. Help out a family in need, and you will reap your rewards down the line.

3. Get Them Out of Sticky Situations

In closing on a property, there can be all sorts of delays and hidden costs that occur by no fault of the customer, but often results in money from their pockets anyway. Be the agent that stands behind your client and prevents others from taking advantage of them. If builders are running a month late on the finish date of a new home, make sure they are the ones paying for the client’s hotel bill. Your client will always remember how you made him or her a priority, and will be sure to keep your business card.

4. Advise a First-Time Buyer on Their Down Payment

Before purchasing their first property, most buyers struggle hard to save up for the down payment. These people are not aware that they may qualify to pay only 5% down nor that they may be qualified to apply for down payment assistance. Throw a bone to these clients by educating them on their options to lower the cost of a down payment and get into their first home sooner. You can expect their first-time-buying friends to come calling soon, and for each of them to contact you when they’re ready for home.

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