How Realtors Will Use Tablets in 2016

How Realtors Will Use Tablets in 2016

Tablets aren’t just designed to collect fun apps. As the number of apps out there grows at an exponential rate, more and more are being geared toward the needs of people in the business world. Offering more productivity, efficiency, and organization, tablets can be a real game-changer for realtors—you’ve just got to know how to use them.

Enhanced Communication

Emailing on smartphones can prove onerous and inconvenient—especially when it’s a professional email that needs to be lengthy and well written. Connecting wireless keyboards and mice to your tablet will give you just about the same functionality as a laptop, but with far greater mobility. Another advantage offered is FaceTime video calls, which create a more personal connection between realtors and their clients and allow realtors to show homebuyers construction and improvements as they take place.

Staying Current on Properties

Realtors spend much of their time out in the field. Tablets are a great way to scan the net for nearby properties when you’re out with clients or after you’ve finished a meeting early. Also, if you’re with a client and they’d like to see comparable homes, you won’t need to head back to the office if you have your tablet on you.

More Organization

As we said, apps have increasingly begun serving the needs of business professionals. Apps like Dropbox give you instant access to all your files no matter where you are. Evernote and OneNote allow you to dictate notes by voice that are then automatically added to the cloud. Obviously, you shouldn’t forsake your accountant for an app, but many financial apps out there are beginning to fill the needs accountants have traditionally provided. Among the most popular are QuickBooks, which is a paid service, and Mint, which is free.

Meetings Made Simple

The culmination of most real estate transactions is the closing. Each and every closing requires a variety of parties in attendance, and getting everyone together can be a challenge. Luckily, there’s an app for that. Doodle is an app that makes it easy for multiple parties to confirm their availability at certain times. The app figures out when everyone needed for the closing is available and creates the meeting for you.


Perhaps most valuable to realtors is an app called DocuSign that allows users to draft, send, and electronically sign documents. By the way, Congress has upheld the decision made back in 2000 that esignatures are completely legal substitutes for paper and pen. DocuSign allows realtors to make revisions to documents and resubmit them to clients with little to no interruptions.

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