How to Close the Deal with High-End Clients

How to Close the Deal with High-End Clients

Getting your hands on a listing in a new luxury condominium is not an easy feat. It can take up to a decade to break into the high-end market for a building you haven’t yet sold in, but it is still possible. And as we all know, once you’ve sold one or two properties within the building, you’ll get the opportunity to sell more. Read on to learn some tips from realtors who are thriving in today’s luxury market.

Dress the Part

Doing your homework on a client is a given. One aspect of doing your homework is to learn the aesthetic of your client. Are they traditional and conservative? Don your best-fitting suit. Are they young guns from a successful start-up? Stay fashionable, but maybe take off that tie. You want to relate to your clients in every way you can. They will immediately feel more comfortable with you when you appear to be on the same wavelength. A new listing will be in your future if you can make that happen.

Schedule to Meet in Person

When meeting with a client, whether established or prospective, meeting in person will always send the best message. Often times, clients base their decisions more on how you make them feel than cold, hard facts about your business. In these meetings you should be well-prepared, but maintain the focus on building or maintaining a personal relationship.

During these face-to-face meetings, you can kill two birds with one stone. Meet your client at a locale where you are sure to run into others you want to network with. You’ll give off a good impression all around: that you are sociable, professional, and the kind of realtor everyone wants to do business with.

Know Your Limits–And Have Alternatives!

Occasionally you will not be the best fit for the job. What you should do in instances such as these is to connect the client with someone else who is. Never say no to a listing, instead bring in someone else who can do the job right and keep you in the loop. Luxury agents have the skill to elevate prices because of their knowledge on the possibilities for a property. Sometimes they can sell a property for double the average asking price in the area just by advertising it correctly. You’ll walk away with a good reputation from the client, the other realtor, and some new knowledge in how to manage a high-end sale.

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