6 Real Estate Agent Safety Tips

6 Real Estate Agent Safety Tips

In the past 2 years, there has been an increase in attacks on real estate agents in the United States. That means now is the perfect time to brush up on some real estate agent safety best practices.

Recent Attacks in the News

Last September, real estate agent, Ryan Vega, was stabbed in the neck—during a showing. And earlier this year, an Indiana woman was brutally attacked by a masked man while taking photographs of a vacant home. While these are just a couple of the more recent attacks, there are many examples.

Real Estate Agent Safety Tips

To encourage the real estate agents we work with to stay safe out in the field, we’ve compiled this short list of real estate agent safety tips:

Real Estate Agent Safety 101: Always know where all your house keys are at all times, to keep them out of criminal hands.

Watch Your Back: Never lead guests into a home you are showing; guide them in front of you instead. It’s a lot harder for someone to get the jump on you when you’re behind them.

Build Documentation: Require your guests to provide their name, address, phone number, and email prior to meeting with them to show homes, or ask them to send you identification.

Take Advantage of Daylight: Always try to show properties before dusk. If you must schedule a showing in the evening, take a friend or co-worker, or schedule a check-in call with somebody and tell them exactly where you are going.

Build a Safety Net: When you list a home or when frequently showing a home, try to meet the surrounding neighbors. They’ll get to know what you’re doing and recognize your vehicle. They may just become your first response team.

Be Quick on Your Feet: In the case of an attack, always choose flight over fight. Be prepared to defend yourself, but time has proven that it’s best to escape and call for help, if you can manage to get away from the situation.

Stay safe out there!

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