The 4 New Real Estate Technologies You May Need

The 4 New Real Estate Technologies You May Need

Take a look at your real estate business, and you’ll likely find some outdated technologies and routines that could use a boost. Technology is advancing in all fields, and it could be seriously damaging to your bottom line if you do not keep up. Read on to learn about four top real estate technology trends of 2016.

360-Degree Views

A 360-degree camera is the best way to give prospective buyers a look at the place before they step foot in the door. Photos are valuable, but they do not provide the same perspective of a 360-degree view. Everything within the camera’s field of view is captured on screen, which allows people to get a better feel for the rooms and layout of a property.

Not only are these images more attractive, but they also enable people to imagine their own belongings and lives inside the rooms they are viewing. Matterport, a 3-D media technology company, is considered a leader among 360-degree view camera manufacturers.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality headsets are becoming more and more commonplace, and they have amazing potential in the realm of real estate. If potential buyers use a virtual reality headset to take a tour of a property, they can see the entire place from anywhere in the world. This eliminates scheduling conflicts for touring appointments, because it allows people to take the tour on their own—virtually—any time. It also opens up a property for several people to view it at once. This is convenient for buyers and for real estate professionals, who can use the time they’re saving to focus on other tasks.

Smart-Home Additions

The common objection to smart-home technology in the past was the up-front cost of investing in new technologies. Luckily, today there are many companies producing “add-ons” that can update already existing appliances in the home. That way, owners don’t have to revamp their entire homes, and these technologies come at reasonable prices.

One good example is Nest, a thermostat that goes for around $250 that monitors and controls several functions in the home. You can monitor the temperature and get notifications of problems, such as pipe damage, all through a smartphone.

Voice Command

Voice command can now control everything in a house from setting alarm systems to opening garage doors. Not only would this impress any prospective buyer when you show them these features during a tour, but it is also relatively inexpensive. It only costs about $200 to install these technologies, and that is well worth the investment!

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