Using Customer Feedback to Grow Local Business

Using Customer Feedback to Grow Local Business

Despite the fact that 85% of consumers use online review to evaluate local businesses, only 12% of realtors use online recommendations. Today we’ll tell you what realtors are gaining from online reviews, what information consumers are looking for in reviews, and give you a strategy to start garnering your own.

Surprising Numbers

Are you one of the 65% of real estate agents who receive no leads from online reviews? If so, this blog should help. Though it’s true that most agents who use online reviews for lead generation garner around 5 leads a year, some do much better.

• 13% of agents receive 21 or more leads a year as a result of online reviews
• 6% receive more than 50 leads a year from their online reviews
• 69% of agents using online reviews said they were easy to convert into leads

What Information in Most Important in an Online Review?

When shopping around for an agent, consumers value the following characteristics most:

• Honesty – 24%
• Agent reputation – 21%
• Agent has knowledge of their neighborhood – 8%
• Agent is empathetic, a good listener – 8%
• Agent gives timely responses – 6%
• Agent is accessible, uses technology to streamline contact – 4%
• Agent associated with a well-known firm – 3%

Now that you know what’s most important to people reading reviews, you can set up your reviews to get all the correct information. Ask direct questions, and you’ll get the kinds of reviews you want!

Your Online Review Strategy

• Step 1: Get One Review on Yelp

Yelp is the number-one site dedicated to consumer reviews, so it’s the natural place to start. Ask active Yelp users to review you. Get at least one a month.

• Step 2: Register Your Business on Google+

Without registering your business on Google+, you won’t show up properly on Google search. This is essential for SEO and for garnering reviews—if they can’t find you, they can’t review you. Plain and simple.

• Step 3: “Double Up” Reviews on Zillow and Trulia

Take existing reviews and upload them to Zillow and Trulia. This will multiply the readership of each review you receive.

• Step 4: Use LinkedIn to Showcase Skills and Affiliations and Garner Reviews on Specific Skills

LinkedIn is essential for real estate agents, and its possibilities are nearly endless. Create an eye-catching profile page and endorse the skills of lenders and title agencies you’ve worked with. They’ll endorse you in turn.

• Step 5: Count the Competitions’ Reviews, then Beat Them

Find your competition on Yelp. Figure out how many reviews they’re receiving a month and dedicate yourself to outdoing them. This will keep you focused.

• Step 6: Keep Reviews Current

Consumers are looking for current reviews. If your last review dates from 2013, many readers will assume that you’re no longer in business. Each and every month you should reevaluate your review garnering process. Repeat this process and watch the leads pour in!

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