Suburbs See Increased Housing Demand and Growth

Suburbs See Increased Housing Demand and Growth

The suburbs have seen a resurgence in housing demand in recent years thanks to the increased affordability and lower crime rates of these areas.® recently highlighted 10 cities with vibrant and fast-growing suburban areas. While only one of the suburbs in the spotlight falls into our service area, the increase in housing demand for homes away from the hustle and bustle of the city center has been felt nationwide.

Florida, Texas and California Top the List

The article listed three suburbs in Florida and two each in Texas and California:

  • Vista East, a suburb of Orlando, Florida
  • Cutler Bay, a suburb of Miami
  • Palm River-Clair Mel, a suburb of Tampa
  • Milpitas, a suburb of San Jose, California
  • Dublin, a suburb of San Francisco
  • Daffan, a suburb of Austin, Texas
  • Wylie, a suburb of Dallas

These warm-weather suburban areas have higher-than-average home values. Apex, North Carolina, is part of the Raleigh metropolitan area and came in tenth on the® list.

Housing Demand Continues to Grow

According to figures included in the article by®, the number of households located in the suburbs increased by 7.9 percent between 2010 and 2017. This represents a more than 1 percent increase in growth compared to national figures for urban centers. Some analysts expect prices for suburban properties to continue to rise as housing demand increases over the next few years.

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