A New National Holiday to Celebrate Mortgage Brokers

A New National Holiday to Celebrate Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage brokers across the country who have been wanting some recognition for their hard work can rejoice. The Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME) has announced that they have created a new national holiday to celebrate the work that mortgage brokers do. Just as we celebrate teachers on National Teacher Day, we will now be able to celebrate mortgage brokers on National Mortgage Brokers Day.

When Does National Mortgage Brokers Day Take Place?

National Mortgage Brokers Day officially started on July 18th this year. It will continue to be celebrated each year on this day. We can expect more people to join in on the celebrations once awareness of the holiday has been further spread.

What is the Purpose of the Holiday?

National Mortgage Brokers Day is a day to celebrate the hard work that independent mortgage brokers do for the mortgage industry and for home buyers. AIME also wishes to increase the public’s awareness of the advantages that come with using an independent mortgage broker over a bank or retail lender. In the past, many mortgage brokers were not sufficiently praised for the expert service they have provided to home buyers. AIME thought it was time to change that.

How Can You Get Involved?

On AIME’s website, they have created a special National Mortgage Brokers Day logo that the public can download and share on their websites and social media pages. They have also created the hashtag “#NMBD” that can be used to further spread awareness on social media. Finally, AIME has created an e-card that people can use to thank mortgage brokers they have worked with. The e-card is customizable, so you can make it unique for each mortgage broker.

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